Je pars de ma terre

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?,Caught in a landslide, No escape from realityOpen your eyes, Look up to the skies and see... Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.(Queen)

Here in my room, which is a total mess, bags and clothes all around, is a pity see it like it is just the day before I go. The house is nearly empty, my brother sleeping and my mother, well she'll come from a dinner soon. Is hard to believe how time flies, so fast, so keen and clean. Anyways, I remember when I was kid, someone told me, maybe my grandfather, maybe just and old man in the street, maybe it wast just a dream... but he told me: "Keep your memories as they come, and love them because these are the answers to many questions as who you are, and where you come from". So today a took a wooden box and fill it with some kind of weird things and photos which will help me someday in case that I need to remember who am I and where I came from. Even though I am not leaving for ever, even though I am not going to the front at some unholy war, is nice to have those things.

I remember, once upon a time...the place: a boat, I was playing with a toy, specifically a blue "Power ranger" and I remember playing with it in the sprit with so many ends to starboard and to larboard, when it suddenly broke up a leg, I got actually very sad, I did cry and I obviously ran to my mam to find some relief. She just smiled at me, surrounded me with her arms and holt me for a while, I felt peace and comfort as there were no troubles at all across the universe. Well, I'll miss thing from my childhood but once you grow you have one only way to be a kid again... your memories, so keep these in a box and do it well so you will always be able to have a little smile in your face, because happiness is not about one moment but about all the moments of your life which have been specially remarkable.

And I have to say that I do not write this as a "goodbye" or anything like that, but today is one of these days you do check all the old albums from the old bookshelf and you think "So.. Maybe I will show this photos someday to a wife, husband, son, daughter, niece..."

I hope tomorrow  and the time coming will be a nice day to me and to all of you.


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